Join us at SCCA’s Virtual
Training Meeting

Monday, April 26, 2021
7 p.m. – 8:30 p.m.

Two topics:

How advanced technology is driving
a global child pornography epidemic,
and the connection to our kids online

 Presented by Opal Singleton, 
President and CEO of Million Kids 

Opal serves here in our own community teaching the Riverside County Sheriff’s Department, the Los Angeles Police Department LEAD program and the Los Angeles Fire Department Leadership Training Academy. And, she trains departments around the world!

As the entire world is becoming connected by Internet, we are seeing a surge of global child pornography rings operating out of the Dark Net and using Bulletproof Hosting.

Here in California, our young people play on dating sites, video chat rooms or instant messaging. They are being seduced and groomed by predators online. It can involve someone the victim knows and trusts or it can be someone in a gang or cartel using online recruitment.

Pedophiles are using encryption and connecting to form large scale sextortion rings that seduce and trick our kids into providing illicit photos. These photos are sometimes distributed to more than one million pedophiles.  

For many of our kids their first sexual experience will be a virtual sexual experience that results in a shame-based self image. The crimes of sextortion and social media exploitation greatly impacts the entire family as parents struggle with the loss of innocence of their child and teens are isolated and panicked as pedophile rings demand more photos, money or public exposure.  

As faith based leaders, we must understand the emotional impact of these situations. We can assist families in a modern day crisis.


Second topic:

 Presented by ... You

“What’s the one struggle you’re dealing with now for yourself or your agency?”

As chaplains, we understand your desire to help. And the frustration you feel when you can't be out there like usual! Please tell us how you're doing.

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