SCCA’s Second Virtual
Training Meeting

Monday, Nov. 9, 2020
7 p.m. – 8:30 p.m.

Building the Beloved Community
Through Cultural Humility

Create Connection

Join your fellow chaplains to hold a courageous conversation to set up a healthy and nurturing environment where those we serve can feel supported, valued, respected, and understood.

Challenging and complicated, these dialogues bridge the racial divide in America by addressing racism’s pains and unrest rooted in a historical context. Connect, come together, and create actionable solutions that unite the chasm.

Find the catalyst for the long-term goal of promoting understanding, focusing on forgiveness, encouraging positive behavior modification activities, and influencing fair change.

Given the recent spotlight on racial injustice, discuss the impact of racism, bias, and oppression. People experience division because they are disconnected. In contrast, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., taught that The Beloved Community was achievable as an antidote against inequality throughout the world. 

Individuals worldwide could accomplish it if they became committed to the concept and willing to use nonviolence as a strategy for reaching the objective.  Understand the threats to his vision and discover strategies for becoming a steadfast ally and practicing self-compassion in this hard season.

Dr. Gloria Morrow

As a clinical psychologist with national prominence, Dr. Gloria currently serves as a Director of Behavioral Health for a medical group with 13 clinics in Southern California.

Dr. Gloria is well known throughout the community where she has shared her expertise on many topics, including depression, anxiety, marriage, and relationship issues all over the country.

She has been featured in news publications, cited in Psychology Today, Jet, Essence, Woman’s Day; and Black Enterprise, and has authored books: Too Broken to be Fixed? A Spiritual Guide to Inner Healing, The Things that Make Men Cry, and Strengthening the Ties that Bind.

Because of her commitment to the faith community, Dr. Gloria guides faith leaders and mental health professionals work together to help people of faith who are suffering from mental health issues. She has written a handbook entitled S.A.F.E. (Spirituality and Faith Empowers), along with a three-day training for faith leaders and mental health professionals. 

Dr. Gloria’s most important accomplishment is her relationship with God and her commitment to serve Him by serving others.


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