Domestic Violence Safety Plan

This provides a seven-step safety plan for men or women in need. Please use it in your work as a chaplain to help a potential victim, friend, or family member.

It includes practical suggestions such as the following:DV960x540

  • What documents to gather in preparation
  •  How to implement a plan to be safer at work
  • Not only how to get a Restraining Order but also how to enforce it
  • Ways to move on and stay safe
  • Firm plan for what to do if tempted to return to the abusive partner

Click the link below to download a Word document:
Domestic Violence Safety Plan

Click the link below to download the plan in the form of a PDF. Requires a PDF viewer, such as Adobe
Domestic Violence Safety Plan

Funeral Arrangements Checklist

This form can be used in two ways:funeral723x965

  1. Fill it out yourself—now—so your loved ones don’t have to do it in a time of crisis. This contains a lot of information that they will appreciate if you are not able to help them gather it. For example:
    • Dates and locations of the high school and college you attended and degree earned
    • Your employment history, volunteer service, and achievements
    • Your military records
    • Favorite scriptures and songs
  2. Give it to others who suddenly find themselves needing this advice and direction.

Click the link below to download a Word document:
Funeral Arrangements